Had a Hip, Knee, or Ankle Joint Replacement?

You may be entitled to a significant cash settlement.

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Exactech Recalls Nearly 150,000 Joint Implant Devices Going Back to 2004

In 2021, artificial joint maker Exactech issued a voluntary global recall of 147,732 implants and polyethylene inserts. Ortho surgeons used these defective inserts and devices during total hip, knee, and ankle joint replacement procedures. Why? Because the packaging they used let too much oxygen get in, which made some materials oxidize and break down. Exactech reported unusually high failure rates to the FDA for the now-recalled implants and inserts used in patients listed below.

If you have one of these artificial joints in your body, you may qualify for a cash settlement:

  • 90,000 Connexion GXL® hip replacements since 2008
  • 60,926 Optetrak® knee implants put into patients since 2004
  • 60,518 Optetrak Logic® knee implants put into patients since 2004
  • 24,727 Truliant® knee implants put into patients since 2004
  • 1,561 Vantage® ankle implants put into patients since 2017

Who Can File an Exactech Joint Replacement Claim for Compensation?

You may qualify for a major cash award if all the following describes you:

  1. You got your first artificial hip, knee, or ankle joint put in sometime after 2004.
  2. Within 10 years of your first surgery, a doctor had to replace your original artificial joint.
  3. Your doctor used one of the defective Exactech devices or inserts from the 2021 global recall.

Not sure if your orthopedic surgeon used an Exactech implant for your joint replacement procedure? An attorney can help locate the exact make and model of the device your doctor used during surgery. Injured patients report these symptoms and complications most often:

  • Grinding or clicking noises
  • New, increasing, or chronic pain
  • The implant cannot bear your full weight
  • Swelling
  • Your knee, ankle, or hip feels wobbly/unstable

Act Now to See If You May Qualify for Financial Compensation

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