Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to file my claim?

Every U.S. state has a different deadline to file claims like these. However, nearly half (24 states) give you no more than two years. That said, it’s always best to ask a lawyer to review your case for free before you decide. Lawyers cannot tell you how long you have until they hear exactly what happened to you and when. Lawyers can often find legal ways to extend your filing deadline — but not before discussing your potential case.

How much money will I get?

It’s impossible for anyone to tell you a dollar amount without knowing all the details about your potential case. That said, a lawyer will charge you $0 to review your potential claim and then give you a ballpark estimate. This consultation is always free, and it doesn’t obligate you to do anything else. Deciding whether to use the same lawyer or even move forward with filing a claim is always up to you!

If a medical device or product is dangerous, why hasn’t the FDA recalled it?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration doesn’t work the way most people think it does. While the FDA often does recall dangerous things, the agency doesn’t oversee everything. Here’s an example: If you buy eyeshadow that contains talc, you can have it tested in a lab for asbestos. But if you send that tainted sample to the FDA, the agency cannot issue a mandatory recall. Only the manufacturer can do that. In fact, that’s exactly what happened with Claire’s makeup in 2019. The FDA does have authority to recall medical devices, but it’s often voluntary and can take several years. So, sometimes you’ll see the FDA issue a safety alert warning people about certain risks. But it’s rare to see the FDA force a medical device or product completely off the market because it’s dangerous.

How much do lawyers typically charge to handle claims?

Every lawyer in our network chooses to represent people’s cases on contingency. In other words, you pay $0 in legal fees unless your case wins. And if you win, then your legal fees equal a previously agreed-upon percentage of your settlement amount. The lawyer we match you with can tell you how much this percentage will be during your initial consultation. Some states also limit how much a lawyer can charge for handling your case. Most of the time, this amount ranges anywhere from 20%-40%. Most cases (about 97%) settle without going to trial, which typically means you’ll owe lower legal fees.

Is there any way for me to make the party responsible for hurting me pay up without filing a lawsuit?

No. You may occasionally see announcements about major settlement agreements on the news or in national publications. In situations like these, that money doesn’t automatically go to everyone who got hurt. Instead, only people whose legal representatives filed valid claims before a required deadline can qualify for those cash payouts. If you don’t have a lawyer file your lawsuit on time, then you cannot receive a cash settlement.

How long will it take to get any money after I file my claim?

In most cases, it takes anywhere from four months to a year to settle your claim (on average). That said, if you’re one of the first people to file this type of lawsuit, it could take a lot longer. This is a great question to ask the lawyer we match you with during your initial consultation!

Is there any way I can still get paid once my state’s filing deadline expires?

No. Unfortunately, there’s no legal way to force entities to pay settlements once the statute of limitations in your state expires. That’s why it’s so important to talk to a lawyer as soon as you realize what harmed you!

The injured person I wish to file a claim for already passed away. Is it too late?

Not necessarily. In some cases, you may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of your loved one. However, you must be part of the deceased victim’s immediate family to do that. In addition, you need to file that claim before the deadline in your state passes.

How can I find a lawyer to review my potential case for free?

We make every effort to match you with a nearby lawyer who’s available to help right away! Just click the “active cases” link at the top of this page. Then, scroll down our list until you find the specific thing that harmed you. Lastly, fill out the free claim evaluation form to see if you may qualify for a free, no-obligation consultation. If you do, then a qualified local attorney will call to discuss your potential claim as soon as possible.

How can I prove this one specific thing is what hurt me?

Part of the lawyer’s job is to look at any evidence you already have and then gather additional, convincing proof. This may mean getting copies of your complete medical records from all your doctors, hospital bills, etc. Your lawyer can pay for documents and other things you’ll need to support your case, if necessary. Attorneys also have access to resources like experts willing to testify on your behalf or court documents filed in other cases that can help support your claim.

Will I have to appear or testify in court?

This rarely happens, so almost certainly not. Lawyers settle most cases like these without ever going to trial. However, this is a good question to ask during your free initial consultation.