What We Do

PublicLawsuits.com matches people harmed by dangerous medical devices, products, or acts of gross negligence with local attorneys for free, no-obligation claim reviews. Below is a step-by-step guide of what to expect when you fill out a free, no-obligation claim evaluation form.

Step 1: Answer A Few Brief Questions

Your answers tell us important things like how and when your problem started and what you think probably caused it. That way, we can tell whether the deadline to file your potential claim already passed. They can also tell us if your health issue is likely to qualify for a cash settlement. We also need to know if you already have a lawyer helping you with your case. Why? Because if you do, then the attorneys in our network don’t want to break the retainer agreement you already signed. It’s unethical to give legal advice on pending cases with attorney representation from another firm.

Step 2: Tell Us Where You Are and How to Best Contact You

We use your current ZIP code to match you with the closest lawyer who’s available to help you right away. Then, we pass your name, phone number and email address along to that attorney. Your matched attorney will call you as soon as possible during regular business hours to discuss your potential claim. In addition, we’ll send you an email with your matched attorney’s name, office address, phone number, and other relevant information. Can’t find the email we sent you after submitting your online evaluation form? Try checking your email account’s junk and spam folders first or searching for “PublicLawsuits.com” as the sender.

Step 3: Keep Your Phone Handy and Pick Up When It Rings

This free, no-obligation phone call from your matched attorney is a required step for completing your claim evaluation. Please only put in a phone number where we can reach you during normal business hours on weekdays. Filling out and submitting the online form isn’t enough to know whether you may qualify for a cash settlement. The attorney may also make an in-person appointment for you to come in and review documents or evidence in person. Both the phone call and meeting in person are 100% free, confidential, and don’t obligate you to do anything else. If you submit an online evaluation on holidays, weekends or overnight, your phone won’t ring until the next business day.